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  A chocolate, a favourite of many, is a brown colour sweet which is basically cacao seeds, roasted and often flavored with vanilla. The nature and colour of chocolates may vary depending upon the colour of the seeds and the process of preparation used. Cacao has been cultivated in many cultures for years now dating back to 1900 BC. It’s believed that earlier these seeds were used to make beverages

Chocolates, Mmm..mm..Muahhh!

The treat that lies in its wrapper, so loved worldwide, named as chocolate is irresistible and exotic. There is no replacement for chocolate. It is in itself a world, so exciting and mouth-watering. No conditions attached. It is such a feel good therapy. You can relinquish a bar anytime, all the time. When you’re happy, its time for chocolate, when you’re sad, its time for chocolate. Whether, you’re anxious, emotional,

Baking A Cake – Do it YOUR Way!

While baking a cake, I love to experiment and try out new stuff. Maybe add some blueberries or crushed almonds or simply drizzle some fruity syrup over the plain old basic cake – Anything. Anything and everything will do. Gradually you inherit the good sense of what goes with what. And if not, what’s life without a few mistakes, or in this case, a few badly turned / burnt cakes?

Cooking And Kids

  “When I cook with my son, I might chop vegetables and have fun with different shapes. Cooking is a way to teach kids about other things, like reading or math with all of the weights and measures. There are so many things that are part of cooking that are also very educational.” – Emeril Lagasse     Cooking with kids is super easy and fun. These days, recipes for