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Goodness of a Salad

  Salads the natural way of having nutrients with raw flavours. Salads can be simple easily from easily available veggies , nuts , pulses , cereals , fruits etc.Packed full of goodness, salads bring flavour to your diet plan each day. Eating salads is an easy way to eat your daily serving of vegetables and it is not so difficult. You can prepare a salad and take it to work

Foods which are best for skin

The nutritious and healthy food is all that you want to have a perfect and blushing skin. Not only it protects the inner body but also shields from the outside.  The better and more nutritious food stuff we take in results in more beautiful and vibrant skin. Now a day’s people spend a lot amount of money in buying skin products, but the results out of them are not found


The connection between the body and mind is really strong, the way your body feels plays a great part in the functioning of your brain whether or not you experience a state of well being. Keeping your body free of toxins and other harmful nasty things will help you maintain a healthy living.               Thinking of doing a detox and wondering how to start?

Love For Salads

For the ultimate in healthy and satisfying fare, there’s nothing better than a refreshing salad. Whether you yearn for a cool, crisp lettuce, sweet fruit salad or a savory potato salad, there is something for everyone on the list of salad recipes.                                                 Salad, a popular ready- to eat dish often contains leafy vegetables or fruits, often served with dressings usually served at a chilled or at a moderate temperature. Salads may sometimes additionally contain grain, meat, tuna or other seafood. Leafy vegetables are generally served with dressings, as well as with garnishes, and sometimes with meat, pasta, cheese, eggs, fish or whole grains.

Be Salad-Savvy

Salads are a great dinner option. They are not only filling and often easily prepared, but with the right ingredients, they can potentially pack in a whole lot of health benefits. But while urban Indian restaurant-goers are fast developing a taste for Caesar salad and Coleslaw, salads at home still mean a side-dish comprising a few cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes – chopped, diced, or sliced. The result: A boring basic

Sumptuous Salads

The word ‘salad’ comes from the French word ‘salade’ having the same meaning and from the Latin word ‘salata’ which means salty. In English, the word first appears in the 14th century.  The term ‘salad days’, meaning ‘days of youthful experience’, was first recorded by Shakespeare in 1606. Salads are of different types, such as, Green Salad (only leafy vegetables used), Vegetable Salad (leafy or non leafy vegetables used along