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Sankalp: The Home of Delicious South Indian Cuisines

Today we have so many South Indian food serving restaurants in different parts of the country, but none is more popular than Sankalp. The success story of this Indian restaurant is really incredible. The style and broad range of dishes present in the menu of this restaurant is nonpareil. One of the main reasons of their popularity is the presence of the innovative food items in their menu. The experts

Sweets – Yummy treats for You!!

My college is situated at this awesome place. Remember, I told you about all the lip-smacking biriyani food joints near my college? Well, Park Circus also has its neat share of ‘misti r dokan’, i.e., sweet shops. To name a few – Jugols’ , Mithai and a tiny sweet shop near Mahadevi Birla Girl’s School which serves soft hot white rasgullas that melt in the mouth. I remember walking to

Food is Yumminess!

Yum!… Delicious.. wow! #iwantmore! … Are words completely connected with Food. Food, really tickles our taste buds. People love food, even food love people. Eyes and tongue work hand in hand for food. Though, people are crazy out there for lovely, tasty food. But, the food habits needs to be governed. Healthy food is in all way a boon but these trending junk eatables are in no way good food.