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Culture of Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the north-eastern sate of India.Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram.The name Mizoram is derived from the words “Mi which means people” , “Zo which means hill” and “Ram which means land”.Thus the name itself conveys that it is a land of hill people.It has three bordering states namely Tripura, Assam and Manipur.The state acts as a border for two countries Bangladesh and Myanmar.According to census

A look at Irish Culture

Every culture in this global world is unique and gain its own specialty.The Irish Culture too comes into that category.Coming to the Ireland,it is situated in Western Europe,occupying five-sixth of the islands in the North Atlantic Ocean which is to the west of Great Britain.The capital of Ireland is Dublin with a population of about 4,487,000.Irish language known as Gaeilge is a Indo-European Language of the Celtic family. The people

Bathukamma – A festival of flowers in Telangana

Bathukamma is a festival of flowers that is celebrated by Hindu women in Telangana region.This festival is celebrated every year during the month of September and October.According to lunar calender this festival is celebrated during the Bhadrapada Amavasya ( also known as Mahalaya Amavasya ).This is a festival that is celebrated for complete nine days during Navarathri.On the festive day of Durgashtami the main festival Pedda Bathukamma or Saddula Bathukamma is

The holy month of Ramadan – all you need to know!

With the advent of the pious month of Ramazan or Ramadan, hustle and bustle can be seen throughout all the Muslim households. The preparations begin a lot in advance. Excitement can be seen everywhere. From shopping for clothes and accessories to stocking up the eateries in order to avoid the last minute confusions, people do it all. This is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. This is said

Culinary- An exquisite art

Culinary is the art of cooking. It doesn’t involve just cooking but also preparation and presentation of a particular dish. A culinary expert is commonly known as a chef. He/she must be well versed with most of the cuisines. The world famous cuisines are listed below. Cuisines famous all over: 1. Italian: The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Italian food is Pizza and Pasta.

JEEZ! Chinese

Familiar with fried rice, spring rolls and Manchurian? Thanks to the Chinese for blessing us with such an appetizing cuisine. Unlike the Italian and French cuisines, Chinese cuisine is less sophisticated has far more outreach to the general population around the world. No wonder it’s ranked among the best cuisines the world.But sadly, noodles bears the overused symbolism of Chinese in food, like Butter chicken and Naan to the Indian cuisine.

Indian Cuisine

The moment we Indians hear the word food our mind gets filled with hundreds of pictures of herbs, spices, dishes, sweets and what not. In India its not just about eating to live in fact it’s the other way round that is living to eat. When our moms cook food for us it is not just about taste but also her love served in the form of food. All of

The cultural capital of India – Kolkata

Kolakta which is the capital of West Bengal and it is the former capital of British India during the year 1772 to 1911.It is one of the ancient and largest cities in India and also one of the major ports in India.IT is located on the eastern bank of hugli river.A city of commerce, transport, and manufacture, Kolkata is the dominant urban centre of eastern India. Origin of name Kolkata: The

Dutch Delicacies

We generally do not find many Dutch restaurants in India. The food from the Netherlands is not as famous as Mexican, Italian or French food but has a spectacular flavor which makes your mouth water and fall in love with it. A foodie like me would never miss a chance to hog on to Dutch food. A lot of sea food and vegetables are consumed by the Dutch, simply because

Street Food Made Easy Part-2

Okay, for those of you who have read the previous edition to this article, I am not going to bother with an explanation regarding what street food is, how it tastes, what are its benefits and the like. However, for those who are reading about street food for the first time, this article will surely prove to be a pleasant surprise. And dare I say both for the tummy and