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Food And Festivities

Colorful, exuberating, cheering…festivals in India are not just to mark a day of significance, but are a much-needed break from the exhausting work schedule. India is a platter of all kind of spices from the world, representing a potpourri of a variety of cultures and religions. Thus, every day in India is celebrated somewhere or the other! When it comes to festivities, how can one forget the profusion of various


Sweet and savoury delights, evening get togethers, group prayers, sighting sunrise at the dawn and sunset at dusk and thirty days of being peculiarly polite and gentle in all the dealings, Ramadan, the holy month of Islam is celebrated annually across the world. It is the ninth month according to Islamic Calender, which marks as the most sacred period of the year. In this month all the muslims over the

A walk in Satya Niketan, Delhi!

Delhi, being the capital of exceptionally cultured country, India, is a one place destination where you get to see all religions, festivals, cultures, cuisines of the diversified land. There are hundreds of places to sight in Delhi. Be it the old monuments, market places, Delhi Metro service or street food, Delhi has got all to please and entertain people of any age. One such attractive element is Food! Around every

It’s about chocolate!

Chocolate always have been the most loved flavor in the world. Chocolate has got such a taste that no matter how old you are in numbers you cannot ignore the essence and joy of having it. Wherever may you live or wherever you currently at, you would definitely find a pinch of chocolate in some form or the other. But have you ever given a thought that when and where

Eat Dessert First?

Any meal is incomplete without dessert. After tasting all the spices of the main course served, you need a refreshing and delightful dessert, calming down all your opened taste buds. Similarly, life of an individual is full of spices and at the end of each story we want a soft and delighting climax. Today keeping all your thoughts away spare a time to connect yourself with a calmer ‘You’! Imagine

Friends out for Food

Friend 1, “Hey! Have you tried that new Veg. Burger at XYZ?” Friend 2, “yes! I have. It is so awesome! In love with it! A new addition to my favorite’s list.” Friend 3, “How come I haven’t heard of it?” Friend 2, “Come on! We’ll take you there. You won’t tire talking of it. It’s that good.” Friend 3, “Oh! Let’s go then. I can’t wait anymore.”