Any meal is incomplete without dessert. After tasting all the spices of the main course served, you need a refreshing and delightful dessert, calming down all your opened taste buds. Similarly, life of an individual is full of spices and at the end of each story we want a soft and delighting climax. Today keeping all your thoughts away spare a time to connect yourself with a calmer ‘You’!

Imagine a day, you waking up at 7 am, doing a little stretching exercises, taking a bath, dressing up for college/office, having the breakfast, driving your car to office/college or taking up a bus, attending lectures or doing at the office desk, having lunch, coming back home tired, changing clothes, having supper and finally again on bed. Doesn’t it sound monotonous?
Now again, imagine a day, with the same routine but some lively moments added to it. For example, when dressing up you see that your t-shirt/shirt isn’t matching your trousers and you then scanning your wardrobe finding some other. Or while attending lectures jokes cracked in between or the teacher himself cancelling the class. Or on the way back to home you meet an old acquaintance at the bus stop, and you getting engaged in a long conversation on how-about of that friend’s life. And so on. Life is supposed to be made a happening journey by experiencing the joy of liveliness with people sharing the Earth with you. Life cannot be lived alone, an individual needs a support at his/her low and high points.

Life offers a great variety of emotions to witness; happy, sad, content, love, anger, delightedness, fineness, rejection, care, beauty, fun etcetera. A person when truly living his life will definitely experience all such moods and emotions. The three basic amenities of this journey: Food, Shelter and vesture, is a fortune to have. One can easily relate to all these, but today let’s put the emphasis on Food and see how can we relate this voyage with it. So we have Food and Life on our minds now! If you tickle with your imagination, you will see that food and the life has a great junction. Initially, you as an infant, always under the protection of your parents, they seeing you growing up as a beautiful kid, a kid with a kind heart and carefree mind, just as a farmer taking care of his wheat crops which someday will process into a bread, satisfying the hunger of a needy.

Now entering into a new stage, stage of adulthood and extremities. A fully grown body with a mild brain. A grown up soul who believes that all he needs is freedom to stand on his feet but soon realizes that he’s still like freshly baked bread which needs a wrapping around to keep it preserved. And then comes the stage of a soldier, who is all set to face the challenges of life. Just like starters, which juice up your mouth, inclining the craving for the main course. After this, one jumps onto the main course, the stage of opening of the taste buds to undergo the spices and sweetness of every piece lacerated. And with this comes the spiciest yet sweet sequence of every individual’s life, LOVE! The purest form of divinity. In this phase, all gestures done or sensations felt are pleasantly attractive. And soon the person ties a knot with the one whom he/she loves and makes a new beginning. Facing each day along with the support of your soul mate, the life changes and continues adding spices to make you feel alive. This is definitely the most crucial part of your lifetime where you sense the feel of self-contentment, self-actualization and esteemer. Having your stomach almost full and you processing your thoughts with the idea that you’ve had the best you could but still longing for a delighting end. Here’s the dessert comes in the picture. After a face off with all bad and meet with all good, the curtain call should be calm and rejoicing. A life as a young at heart but old at look takes on its roll. That is the time when you have the chance to go down the memory lane and recalling the making of your story. A time to feel complete and satisfied for making it big.
Like a dessert, in the end of a concluded meal, puts you in a state of pleasurable feeling, life story’s end route also gives you the gratification of becoming and experiencing such time. In an attempt to collect all happiness and leaving the rest of motions of life, you will end up with a crying stomach, groaning. So, try and go with the pace, balancing all the acts and keeping eye on the targets with a heart filled with kindness and freshness, like a sweet and nourishing service of last course. With this, even a course meal teaches us the lessons of life that just have a taste of what comes in your way and wait because at the end you will be served with a slice of the cake, with a contest of whom winning the cherry. Since life is uncertain, go and win the dessert! 😉