Food is heaven! I know that twinkling eyes when you see your food coming and the joy of relishing all the more tasty food. Have you seen many people are depressed and anxious and why are they?! Yes, maybe the stress of their life probably, but the magic wand which presents food will always likely to make them happy. You know, A lot of it comes down to food. But if you get people eating the right food, they start to feel good instantly. Of course, this is mentioned in conjunction with moderate exercise and overall healthy diet. The foods that boosts level of serotonin levels in our blood forms an important part of achieving balanced mind and body. And the best part is most of the food that makes us happy aren’t that boring as you might think. Surprised, eh?! Read on to get an idea what blissful meals you can when you’re feeling blue;

Chocolate: Yes, you heard it right. Let’s start with most loved, Chocolate. This might be great news for you as Chocolate actually alleviates your mood. Many studies have shown that people tend to feel better after having small piece of dark chocolate. It reduces stress and experts believe that this is due to the antioxidants it contains. When you indulge, don’t take too much of it, as there are calories too but yes, little for some while is a good idea.

Fruits and veggies: Do you know experts recommend 4 to 11 bananas per week for optimal happiness. This is because potassium rich bananas are rich in tryptophan and it stimulates the ‘feel good’ hormone, called serotonine. Its not just this fruit but other fruits include blueberries, avocados, pineapple, citrus, beans or dark green vegetables. These are considered good because they contain B vitamins and folate. They give our hormones a boost. These blueberries, avocados are really important because of their antioxidants content, which helps in reducing inflammation and risk of many diseases including cancer. Also, it is well known to eat whole foods to be healthy. So, don’t think twice while having these fruits and veggies.

Seafood: Fish are a Superfood. Wondering why! Well, because they are full of Omega-3s, which as we know are wonderful for our health. Seafood is generally full in Omega 3s, which is known to reduce inflammation and actually makes a large part of brain and if you consume them more, you are less likely to suffer from depression. Eating oily fatty fish like sardines, tuna will really boost up your mood. So, munch on seafood whenever you like.

Coconut: The scent of coconut can really de-stress you and blunt your fight or flight response. It is proved by researchers that inhaling a pleasant scent of coconut really enhances alertness alongwith soothing our response to stress. Go, have coconut and smell it and feel the freshness.

Low fat-dairy products: Dairy foods are excellent source of Vitamin B, D, proteins and minerals including magnesium and zinc and the good part is they contribute to the creation of serotonin in the brain. The cheese you try to avoid because of calorie issues, do you know, is particularly high in amino acids, which generates tryptophan to make serotonin and eventually boost up your mood.

Saffron: Well, saffron is something loveliest of all and yes, the expensive one too. But I’m sure you won’t know this part that saffron is historically used for depression in Persian traditional medicines and is really effective. It is reported by researchers that women when take pinch of saffron in their menstrual cycles helps in reduction of PMS symptoms by half like depression, mood swings, anxiety etc. Saffron really has antidepressant effect, proven by many studies. Researchers believe that the spice works by same mechanism, helping to make feel good neuro transmitters , serotonin, more available to the brain.

Legumes and Beans: Eating legumes is like all time recommendation to anyone as they are really healthy. They are like superfood, full of proteins, have no fat and clean your intestines. Legumes such as chickpeas, kidney and bertolli beans helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and which in turn maintains an even temper. Generally, what happens is people eat foods which are readily available and has lot of refined sugars, wheat, cakes, pies and sweets. Legumes, however, slow down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates, also lay off hunger pangs and thus the resultant mood swings that come from not eating right.

Carbohydrates: You heard it right, I’m talking about carbs. They can make you happy. It holds true that highly refined carbs like cakes, pastas, bread can bring up mood highs and lows, it is still essential to have good carbohydrates in your diet, rather than completely avoiding it. Despite persistent myths, I’m mentioning here that carbs don’t make you fat and can boost up your mood. Researchers have found that carbs promote the production of serotonin levels, so assign yourself this high carb, low-fat dairy, whole grain, beans and fruits. While, following low-carb diet strictly can really affect your mood negatively.

Basically, food is the perfect solution for a bad day, bad mood. No matter what you have faced the whole day, relishing a good food can uplift your mood in no time. Whatever the challenges are, its easier to cope up when your spirits are high, And it’s hard to be in good mood if you are lacking in some key nutrients or feeling hungry constantly. So, never skip a meal and have food whenever you feel like. Who says healthy is boring. The above listed ones are delicious and most of us love the seafood or chocolate or carbs and the most loved, saffron. Munch as much as you want and enjoy the happiness. Because eating is happy and healthy.

eat happy

Healthy Eating. Happy Life.