Food, Food, Foood, we crave for it, we love it, we want more, we want tasty and what not. Yes, we do! The more delicious food is, the more crazy we go for it. Craving for eatable is directly associated with the tastefulness. Sitting, binging on favorite foods is like heaven on earth. If you are also among the one who is curious not about what to eat but about the complex still awesome facts as to what makes up food, this will be right read for you. And, if you love food, you will love weird, quirky, lovely, yuk, yum, wow facts about food too; Enjoy as you read on!


Bananas; you love them, No! Rich source of iron, calcium. Well, do you know The Banana tree is actually a herb, and if you have seen and checked out the banana tree, you will see there’s no wooden trunk, the plant dies and then like a phoenix it is reborn. The banana we love, is a fruit of the herb and we eat this herb a lot!

Peanuts, that we love to have in the form of peanut butter or peanut shake or in raw form. Just add some salt and masala, and we are ready to munch on it anytime But did you know, these peanuts were once used to help in making bombs. This happens like when peanut oil is processed, we get glycerol, which is then made into nitroglycerine, and that makes up a main constituents in dynamite. But then times have changed and now peanut is rarely used in dynamite. Just restricted its use to the kitchen. In case, you want to make your own explosives!

Butter Tea, Not much popular, probably you have heard and tasted it. For tea lovers, hope you will still love your tea. You know this Tibetan tea is a must try. Boiled for half a day, and then, churned with bamboo, with salt butter and rancid soda and they even love to add tsu and flour to it and a mixture of hardened cheese, sugar and butter and then they enjoy this tea.

Potatoes, Apples, Onions; the important ones, No?! wondering, what these have in common, Maybe, nothing when you see or taste them. But just try this once. Close your eyes and block your nose and taste them and you will be surprised as they will taste the same. Yes, the potatoes, apples and onions. Crazy, Right? Even the textures are the same but you will not know what exactly you have eaten till you breathe again. Exciting this is!

Coconut Water; the perfect refreshment on a beach and a sunny day and yes, the nutrient rich also. But what is going to be mentioned here will surprise you more than anything. Caution as it must be followed only in case of emergency. Apparently, it is believed that coconut water can be used as a substitute for the blood plasma and yeah, you heard it right, as it contains appropriate levels of pH, as it surrounds the embryo and provides nutrition.

Carrots, you see them red or orange, I know, But do you know the traditional colour of carrots is considered as purple. What actually happened is Dutch people, took strains of purple, yellow and white carrots and developed them into plump and sweet orange carrots and then we see them as reddish orange carrots and love to eat them.

Now here comes this not so nice fact which goes like this. The food that you eat is known to legally contain some moulds, parasites, rodent hair. Not that you want to know this, but we just needed to share as a part of quirkness!

Here’s this interesting fact, if you ever wondered which city have most expensive meals in the world. This would be Tokyo for dinner, Sydney for lunch and Madrid for Breakfast. This is the reason you need help while budgeting your international meal plans.

Now, this is a research showing where the water goes! The research by says, that the production of about two pounds of cheese requires 5000 litres of water, 1500 litres for sugar and the whopping 701 litres for apples. Yes, the huge massive amount of water.

Mushrooms, most loved have no cholesterol and do you know they are virtually free of sodium and fat. What they contain is Vitamin B1, B2, selenium, Iron, niacin, potassium, thus giving us all the more reasons to love them and eat them.

Worcestershire Sauce; the well known part of Chinese cuisine. There’s something fishy about this sauce, And do you the main ingredient of this sauce? The anchovies, which is a fish available in England. And, this sauce is prepared by taking these fish and soaking them in vinegar, till all the bones dissolve. Vegetarians might not like to read his fact even!

Clear chicken soup with garlic bread is number one choice for non-vegetarians. This is the most popular soup known to mankind. But the point to ponder is, Was it the first soup known, Well, no, the leathery mammal, called hippopotamus was the first ingredient used in the first soup. Interesting enough!

Well, Food everyone dwells on. Food is all time favorite, whether you’re in happy mode or exciting, party mode or sad, puckered up. But food finds its place everywhere, so do the facts associated. These quirky pieces of information related to the most important part of life, The food presents a very interesting insights. There are foods you know are beneficial for your health and then there are there are these facts about them, which we bet you didn’t know. Quirky enough that you feel the urge to tell them to your friends. From Hippo soup to Bananas being herb, enjoy the quirkness.

Bon Appetite!