Generally Parathas are treated as Indian breads.These Indian breads are roasted on a skillet with oil.This delicious dish is conceived previously in Punjab,later it spread to all the parts of the country and also South Asia.There are different types of Parathas.Parathas may be plain, stuffed with vegetables like potatoes, cauliflowers, peas, paneer and few are stuffed with non vegetarian like ground meat, eggs and many more.Parathas are available at any of the Indian restaurant and Dhaba’s are famous places to enjoy these Paratha recipes.In India we can find few frozen and precooked parathas in supermarkets.Most of the veggies choose to eat parathas as a meal in any part of the day.Paratha can be eaten simply with a spoon of ghee, butter.But it tastes best with pickle, thick curd, chutneys, any curry or gravies.

Spicy Aloo Paratha served with curd and pickles with butter topping

Spicy Aloo Paratha served with curd and pickles with butter topping

In North India most of the people like to have flat breads stuffed with spiced potatoes generally known as Aloo paratha.For the preparation of this dish patience is required.Aloo paratha is a famous dish that is so delicious and tasty.The name itself specifies that Aloo means potato.It is very easy to make it and can be served as breakfast or a snack item.The preparation of Aloo paratha is as follows.


For Dough preparation:

1) Take a cup of golden temple flour

2) Take half the cup of water

3) Take half teaspoon of salt

4) Take two to three teaspoon of oil

Dough Preparation Ingredients

Dough Preparation Ingredients

For Aloo stuffing:

1) Take two medium potatoes

2) Take half the teaspoon of salt

3) Take half teaspoon of garam masala

4) Take half teaspoon of cumin seeds

5) Take one fourth teaspoon of turmeric

6)Take one fourth teaspoon of red chili flakes

7)Take five sprigs of cilantro, chopped

Aloo stuffing ingredients

Aloo stuffing ingredients


To enhance better taste, the first thing we need to consider is take right kind of flour.That kind of flour is also known as duram atta.This flour is a combination of stone ground wheat and regular flour.It is perfect for making roti’s, chapathi’s and paratha’s.Here in the below preparation process we are going to take golden temple flour.As we are having the flour we are half set.The first and the important part in the preparation of aloo paratha is dough.

Dough preparation:

Take a bowl and rinse it completely.Then clean it by using a dry cloth.Now take all the ingredients: add a cup of golden temple flour, add half the cup of water, add half teaspoon of salt,  add two to three teaspoon of oil.Mix them thoroughly until it forms a soft, elastic dough.The mixture should not be sticky, but it must be smooth.To form smooth paste it must be stirred cotinuously.After the dough is prepared break it up into equal pieces and roll them to form balls.Now set them in a small bowl containing oil and cover it by using some oiled plastic wrap.Let the dough balls last for few some time.As we are making Aloo paratha we need to make potato mixture now.

Dough preparation for aloo paratha

Dough preparation for aloo paratha

Aloo stuffing preparation:

For the preparation of this recipe and to have delicious taste, we need to take fresh and unspoiled potatoes.Take small round potatoes and boil them for few minutes.Now peel off the covering of potatoes and chop them into small pieces.Boiling process must be done until the fork tender into potatoes.Now use a mill to mash potatoes.After mashing them, add all the ingredients and mix well.Make sure to have same amount of potatoes as that of dough balls.

Aloo stuffing in paratha preparation

Aloo stuffing in paratha preparation

                                           Now our original preparation of parathas starts.Before making paratha rolls first heat the pan at low flame and keep the work space ready.Take a non stick pan with a wide, flat bottom and low sides as it is easy to cook and also heats up very quickly.Along with pan ready we also need to take a bowl full of flour, a cutting board or other flat surface for rolling out the dough and a small rolling pin called a Belan.

Aloo Paratha preparation:

1) Take one teaspoon of oil on a non stick pan and heat it on a medium flame.

2) Now take the dough and dip in a flour bowl until flour is attached to it on all sides.

3) After applying flour on all sides flatten it in the form of a disc.

4) Now roll it on a flat surface using a Belan to form long flat discs.

5) Take the potato stuffing that is prepared earlier and place it on the middle of flat dough.Now roll the dough a little, so that it is large enough to cover the potato ball.After that wrap a potato ball with the dough, gathering the edges together.

6) Press the edges inn to get sealed and again make it flat in the form of a disc.

7) Again dip the new flat thing in the flour bowl, so that it is attached with flour on all of its sides.

8) Take this on a flat surface and roll out the disc evenly into a circle upto a size of six inches in diameter.Make sure the dough must be as thin as possible so that we can see the spices through it.

9) Now place the stuffed dough disks on a non stick pan and heat it on medium flame.You will notice a color change to yellow.Once the paratha is cooked on one side toast it on other side.That’s it spicy tasty vegetarian paratha is ready.

Aloo paratha is ready to serve

Aloo paratha is ready to serve