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Tales served in a plate!

Have a big party to host too soon? But are too bored of the clichéd party menus available (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Mughlai)? I have just the thing for you, that will surely elevate your stature to the “PARTY KING/QUEEN” and give you and you’re fiction-fellas the best time of their lives! Yes, give way to your literary gastronomy as I bring forth a list of fictional literary food

The Tamarind LOVE!

Creeping back to the yonder days, when sneaking into the corner grocery store to buy a packet of Hajmola with the newly earned 1rupee coin, for having done the job of fetching the milk packets and the newspaper from the main gate, was an achievement, I realize how inclined my determination was to get only the ‘Imli’ flavoured Hajmola packet out of the huge jar, usually crowed with all the

The Lebanese Trail

Since my affection for Lebanese cuisine transformed into an obsession, and I started to empty my pockets at every other Lebanese joint in the city, which though made me popular and loved among their owners, but my savings began to race to the descending point. I was worried, and about to become penniless, but my obsession was experiencing its ascending waves and ridges, that didn’t seem to end. And, so

Savoury indulgence on Eid

Celebration of Id, without haleem on the menu is preposterous! And, this realization dawned upon me, after my acquaintance with a Muslim friend led to the arrival of an invitation for ‘Id ki daawat’ at their place. With no prior information or preparation I felt elated and made my way to their set destination. Having been alien to Islamic customs, however, did not dwindle my enthusiasm rather infuriated it, and

Foodie Dare- World’s most grotesque ‘delicacies’!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland An inspiration from this was taken by me and my friend, to exercise a daily routine of thinking out six impossible things to eat for breakfast and we both propounded the most disgusting, bizarre and seriously impossible things one could ever gulp in, forget about eating them for a meal. However, the

Instant Noodles at rescue!

This one’s on an inspiration from a friend who, much to his gastronomic tragedy, is leading an independent life with zero cooking skills in Bangalore. To worsen things for him, he has a staunch dislike for Kannada cuisine. Eating out is obviously an option, and my earlier article which was on the best eating-out places in Bangalore, did seem to help him lot, but that on a regular basis is

Cooking Classics- Mother’s Day Special

While I was busy pulling out the memory strings to think out the best Mother’s day dessert for mum, (of course), I realized how disappointed she’d been with last year’s Choco-mousse with blueberry topping! The reason however, wasn’t my inexperienced cooking skills because surprisingly it came out real good. It was rather my mum’s unbelievable disgust for Chocolate, and yes UNBELIEVABLE is the word. So, I had pledged never to

Moreish Wanderings Part-I: Bengaluru

If you really wish to get-away from the stereotypical venturing of ‘popular’ places and join me in my gastronomic peregrination through an array of exotic spaces hid within the heart of one of the most popular urban destinations, your very own B’lore and discover for the ultimate “experience of the unknown”, then here’s your chance! Bengaluru, commonly known as Bangalore or B’lore, which is ‘usually’ adorned with various titles of-the