The west has now twin meaning of Barbecue, it’s to barbecue and to be at one. The sheer tradition that this tiny (not literally!) thing packs in itself is awesome. From sports to backyard parties, Barbecue is a way of life there. The Wild West is set in its way and doesn’t seem to want to change, and rightly so. The untamed east has its versions of the game with the famous tandoor taking the spotlight. However why just confine ourselves to this and stay away from delicious wildness of the barbecue?

The idea seems good enough but is it really so easy? Where would one by a barbecue and top of that how would we convince anyone in our family for this, it seems a strange thing to be asked on our birthdays! But no worries my friend for there is a simpler option where you can just rush into a custom made barbecue just for the armatures like us. This may go to mild for the pros and the nitpicking foodies out there but for the enthusiasts and admirer of the craft this is the place to be. Its Barbecue nation.



The story of this restaurant began in Mumbai and later on spread out to 36 joints in all. It is one of the must try places of Asia, ranks in top 100 in the list. This place is among the 20 must try restaurants of the country. What is it about the lace that in mere 8 years it has loyal fan following who swear by the food and service and are all rearing to barbecue? The idea of over 600 per plate (with taxes) is sure to put off majority of people yet everyone from students to families to corporates swears by it.


To start with the place has unlimited option on the available food. The cooking is a fair mix of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian style of cooking. This typically includes chicken, fish, prawns, crabs preparation for the meat lovers, cottage cheese, pineapple preparations, potatoes etc. prepared uniquely for the veggie lovers. One gets to keep ordering the starters till they wish to eat. The next step is buffet main course with equally diverse and delicious options. The last step is dessert with 5-6 desserts of unlimited count for you. First drink is one the house, this may be iced teas/ slushes or beer, choice is yours!

One of the most obvious attractions here is the live barbecue available for the customers on each table that gives you the opportunity to do the task yourself. The dishes are cooked and given to you with add on flavor to barbecue it with. This adds to the fun and experience of the place and makes it all the more unique.



If food and drinks weren’t enough to keep the crowd busy, Barbecue nation has all the more options to keep the customers loyal.

Grand Trunk road: the dishes complement the iconic path, offering food from the milestone places and it is no doubt a unique palette to experience.

Hakuna Matata: Here the African safari is celebrated with peri-peri chicken and coconut flan and lot more. With complementary hats being given to all. The African safari is a sure shot success.


Merry Madness: this is live troupe singing and dancing to classiest and funkiest music that will make you tap along for no good reason. Life at barbecue is never boring.

Personal input:

After a long day of shopping in heat of Mumbai in May (girls, you know!) we reached the worli Branch (Mumbai) for lunch with happy plans to leave in an hour and get back to the umm work! It was Hakuna Matata festival which meant some waiting. There was African jungle cardboard with pop-in-head for pictures which nicely occupied our time. After the entry and free drinks we were ready to dig in. And we did. I won’t go into all the mouthwatering details but 3 hours later we happily dropped the shopping plans and headed home to catch on some zzz.’s. The place convinced us against shopping and that is something else!


The service is impeccable. The server enquired about the dishes and taste. When a friend commented on the need for more spicy food, the cook was literally called out. The second round of the starters was made spicy for us and it was hot! The servers gave personal attention to the needs, the kind of food preferred and advice on what to try and even how! There were no raised eye brows on the fourth helping of the gateau or the ceaseless picture taking sessions.

Overall this place gives you space, is worth your penny and promises to give you a wonderful memory. The ambience and service separates it from other restaurants thus making it a place for friends or family to chill together with a live barbecue.

Have at it atleast once! The best part is as the bills are fixed on per plate cost, there will be no nasty surprises in the end to spoil your taste.