Benefits of Milk

Milk can be generally defined as the white liquid substance that can be produced by mammary glands in mammals.This is mainly used as a primary source for the months babies and mammals as they cannot able to digest other types of food items.Milk is the a liquid like substance that contain colostrum which is helpful in carrying parent antibodies to the child and reduces the risk from many diseases in the

Treat From The South!

Think of South India and the first thing that comes to the head of a North Indian like me is the yummy ‘Idli and Dosas’. But what else do we know about South Indian cuisine except the fact that it is amazingly delicious. But there is a lot more to know about our favourite cuisine.   South India being hot and humid climatically, gets rain in abundance each year and

Not a nut, but a fruit!

The human body is like a machine in its way of functions.  It is a common known fact that a machine heats up when it does work. So, to cool it, a suitable coolant is used and the most common that is naturally available, is water.  Similarly, the human body also needs water to cool itself down and to maintain its normal temperature. Earth is the only known planet in

All about Red wine

It is often said that bread and wine completes one’s supper. Though bread, a solid food, satisfies our hunger, our stomach is more like a churning machine, digesting food and supplying the body with the required nutrients and so, in addition to the digestive juices it secretes; it does need a little extra lubricant at times, to completely break the food down. Wine, when taken in measured quantities along with

Mango drinks for summer

Everyone need more than air-conditioning or a dip in the pool to battle the hot summer weather of May, June and July. So cool off and chill out with cool summer drinks. Summer is the best suited time to have cocktails. Summer is the perfect time for friends to gather and share a few drinks. So brake out the tropicals, the frappes, the coolers and chill out. Cool drink refreshes your

Wonderful Soy milk!

Something that can prove to be the best alternative for milk is SOY MILK. It is rich, nutritious and very healthy drink. Soy milk has become so famous because of its high quality proteins and anti oxidative qualities. Most of the people drink this milk because of the added health benefits attached to it. As being lactose free, it is primarily used by lactose intolerant persons. It may lack in

Culinary- An exquisite art

Culinary is the art of cooking. It doesn’t involve just cooking but also preparation and presentation of a particular dish. A culinary expert is commonly known as a chef. He/she must be well versed with most of the cuisines. The world famous cuisines are listed below. Cuisines famous all over: 1. Italian: The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Italian food is Pizza and Pasta.

Water: The Most Essential Requirement for the Human Body

It has been proved that the human body is 60 % made up of water. Water is the most essential requirement for any individual. Different people have different opinions on how much water you should drink each day. Generally it is recommended that you should drink about 2 liters of water per day. There is an 8×8 rule which says that a normal human being should drink 8 ounce of

Bloody Mary: One of the Most Popular Cocktails

Bloody Mary is of the very popular cocktail among the alcohol lovers. Both men and women love to have a sip of this popular cocktail occasionally. Bloody Mary is prepared by mixing vodka along with tomato juice, cayenne pepper, olives, celery salt, black pepper, lemon juice, horseradish, piri piri sauce, celery, Tabasco sauce, beef consommé and Worcestershire sauce. There are so many ingredients and they must be mixed at right

The most Refreshing Yogurt : Lassi

Lassi, a yogurt based drink which always leaves you wanting more.  In this summer nothing can be more refreshing than this coolant drink. Yogurt drinks are widely popular all over the world. In India people referred this yogurt based drink as “Lassi”. Lassi is also known as buttermilk is a traditional drink in India and Pakistan. It was originated in Punjab and is an age-old custom in Punjab to serve