For a student at the Delhi University,especially as a person who belongs to the north campus,the variety of places to eat and hangout are well known.In the continuous debate between the north and south campus about what makes them so special,the eateries and restaurants,juice corners,snacks and momo walas add to the list of specialty at the north campus of DU.After every ten steps you shall find a momo wala or a van serving snacks .


The campus is humongous,and the variety is stunning.From make shift momo shops to proper eateries and restaurants,the foodie treat can never end.there is always something new to try.What is even more pleasing is the inexpensive price rate that the majority of such places offer.So easy on the pocket,every nook and corner of north campus has such foodie pockets and addas for students to fill their tummy and treat their taste buds. In fact its at times a crazy ride to decide which place is it that you wish to eat today.Amazing egg rolls,yummy milkshakes,savory and hot momos with their lip smacking sauce and mayonnaise,pastry and cakes,ice creams and a lot more,you name it and you will find it in north campus.Cuisines of all sorts from all possible origins,to the simple chaat ,pani puri and bhalla paapdi,the munch list here is almost never ending.
The two favorites that my group of friends and I have are the Rock and Wood cafe and Mr.Crust bakery.Starting with the Rock and Wood cafe,a humble cozy place to hangout,this place has the most inexpensive menu that I have ever come across with a very good set of dishes to offer.Famous for its wraps and noodles,worth Rs.60 or Rs.70,it is undoubtedly a treat to the palate,and the bill makes it all the convenient as an option.The egg and chicken wrap here are absolutely scrumptious,even the dough of the wrap is kneaded with egg to provide for the consistent flavor.The chicken is tender and juicy balanced well with the spicey and tangy zing.The paneer wrap is another such treat,with soft chunks of cottage cheese enveloped in savory mix of sauces.Whats more,you can order a tumbler full of Mojito here worth Rs.40 only,to accompany your meal.A cool refreshing glass of Mojito,with mint leaves and lemon garnish ,quenches the most severe of thirsts.


The chicken garlic noodle here is absolutely delicious!the subtle tinge of garlic and juicy slices of chicken with well seasoned Hakka noodles,served generously(the portion is really big) is the ultimate hunger buster.


The plain hakka noodles with honey chilli chicken is the most wondrous combination,and undoubtedly a must try.The honey chilli chicken,a crispy treat indeed with well marinated chicken pieces with a crunchy outer,an the best possible balance of the sweet and the spicey leaves you reeling for more.


The tandoori chicken here was one of my first dishes here,and well it is a really good dish for two,the chicken is well selected and the gravy is creamy and consistent.The egg fried rice is another bowl full of taste and flavor.Other than the above mentioned ,the combo meals here are also a good deal ,with absolute justice done to the taste.A friendly staff ,a comfortable ambiance and yes not to forget,a huge LED television to pamper the cricket fans on evenings,delicious food and inexpensive rates,the rock and wood cafe is a must visit.The next stop for dessert is Mr.Crust bakery,right across the road.Welcome to the mini Charlie’s chocolate factory,entering into the world of pastries,cakes and milkshakes galore.!Just in case ,the hunger pangs are still hitting inside your tummy,you have entered the right place to bust them.The menu here is so large and encompasses all possible varieties of confections and bakery products you could ask for.As I said,that it is indeed the mini Charlie’s chocolate factory,for those who have a sweet tooth,you will love this place.The Nutty chocolate is a must try pastry.The crunchy chocolate slab of wondrous balance between the crunchy roasted nuts and the right kind of bitter chocolate and sweet is absolute heaven on your tongue.


Choco walnut brownie,brownie with ice cream,brownie in hot chocolate sauce,these names itself makes one’s mouth water and the tummy crave,let alone the first bite itself mesmerizes efficiently.


Chocolate tart,is indeed a treat .Worth Rs. 15 only,the crunchy crust and a cool chocolate that becomes semi liquid as you eat your way inwards.The lemon tart,a tangy treat with a beautiful balance of sour and sweet.The pastas ,pretzels and sandwiches are yet another treat here.The cost at which all of these scrumptious treats are available is so easy on the pocket that a frequent venture to this place becomes a routine practice.The friendly staff and an extremely amicable manager who is always around for your feed back has added to the rapid progress and enhancement.These two places are my addition to must tries and have an instant likability to them.Scrumptious food,good portions and easy on the pocket,these places have definitely cracked the mantra for becoming favorites in a jiffy.BON APPETITE!