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Meri maggi… Are you also among the ones to munch on maggi whenever you feel hungry and is it the most lovable snack of yours and yes the instant one? Well, I know Maggi is something, actually popular throughout the world to have for at anytime of day and can be made in versatile ways. Let’s know some facts about maggi apart from its taste and the two-minute mechanism. Maggi is an international brand owned by Nestle since 1947, of instant soups, ketchups, sauces, seasonings and instant noodles. Advertised as 2 minute noodles since 1982, maggi instant noodles are very popular in India and Malaysia having 39% market in Malaysia and 60% in India. Initially, maggi was developed only keeping kids and children in mind, but gradually it took a remarkable place in lives of almost all age groups. Nestle has never thought that their product’s popularity will go viral in this way and their breakfast product will be so acceptable. Though it was launched long time back, people in research and development has never slowed down and they still try hard to make maggi tastier and more flavourful and have other variants of maggi also, while also enhancing the health benefits of products. Now, you have got so many options of maggi ranging from cuppa mania, atta noodles, vegetable maggi and many more.


In this era, almost every child has their own version of “Maggi Memories”, that you had maggi at this place, while cycling trip or in your hostel at midnight or some road trip or maggi being a savior. It has been a true childhood buddy, something that mom lets us eat in place of something that we ought to eat from outside otherwise. Even small kids can make it alone. What maggi endorses that it has calcium, protein “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi” makes it all the more attractive.

But there may arise a question, if maggi is really this healthy, Afterall the main ingredient being refined flour (maida). Maggi is easily approachable and convenient and tastier, but nutrition is completely different thing which maggi doesn’t seem to deliever much. The nutritionist Mrs. Shweta Iyenger says,” Children are addicted to maggi due to high salt content in the tastemaker. Excessive salt intake can lead to the water retention in the body.” The other problem with it is obviously; maida. Eating it on daily basis can be a great disadvantage for you and your health in such ways;


It is a Junk food: The name says it all, it’s a junk food so obviously can do no good to health. Many people are prone to it because of their busy lives. This fast and quick maggi noodles have been marked as junk food by health experts. It contains maida, which is a combination of fat, carbohydrate and sugar and is made from left over husk of wheat. The noodles being difficult to digest poses many problems to body and is thus reckoned as junk food.

Negligible nutritional value: Though, the maggi wrapper says ‘Taste bhi, Health bhi’ but trust me, if we take the findings seriously, there is no nutritional value in it because the main ingredient being refined flour. They don’t contain and vitamins and minerals and there claim of noodles being rich in calcium or any other minerals. Also, it contains high amount of sodium which is really for people suffering from high blood pressure conditions and can also cause hyper tension and heart problems. All this is not at all good for school going children. So, all this proves maggi to be just food for leisure, to be consumed few times in a week and must be avoided the frequent intakes by everyone as it can serve no good.

High calories: The maggi noodles have high calorie content and thus can lead to obesity. One regular packet of maggi contains 400 calories. Such a high volume of calories is a worrisome issue and is not good for heart patients and even increase cholesterol and even the children who consume it daily just as a snack in their evenings and mornings are at a risk of getting obesity.

Problem of Dehydration: people who have regular intake of maggi has reported problems of dehydration. As these are highly sticky noodles can stick within your organs and cause serious problems like loose motions and loss of excessive water from your body. All this is really scary and just demands to call off maggi for some time from your life if you consume it in excessive manner.

Maggi, the all time favorite food, though it is not recommended to completely abandon it but limit must be maintained in its intake. It should not be consumed daily because the nutrition, a proper food can provide is irreplaceable. There should be mindful eating in case of maggi. Just hav it as a snack and not a food item and it has no food value. As you don’t have French fries due to the fear of getting obese because of that potato thing, try to stay far from maggi due to maida thing. It will be good for you only in the long run.

Healthy Eating. Happy life.