Healthy Drinks for Party-Lovers !!!

I am talking sense when I put party and health together. Yes we can have healthy menu for a party without compromising the taste. Its no robot science to achieve that . Simply having healthy food prepared in a tasty way can make you feel detoxified even when you are partying full on. Grabbing a few healthy ingredients blending it with complimenting substitutes can easily make your party fun and healthy . It would

My Birthday Party Recipes !!!

I will soon turn a year older an something clicked in my mind. Am I going to throw a party ??? The answer is still uncertain but one thing is for sure I will cook for me and will treat my tummy with dishes Like. It’s a nice nice idea, isn’t it ? If I play rewind record of my earlier childhood or teen-hood birthdays food was never my priority , it was

Every Day Smoothies !!!

Weight Gain is a fear every girl goes through . Yes I am part of that herd who is checking out her inches and freaks out when she doesn’t fit in her two months old jeans. Yes ! I am that normal silly , messed up screwed up , average looking , part of the crowd girl who wants to make a mark of herself which makes her stand out

The Food Invasion-Deciphered!

India has had invasions for several centuries, and with each invasion certain cultures and traditions have been entrusted upon us. Each invasion brought its own languages, arts, religions and of course food! The foods from foreign lands have now become a part of our food palette and it is impossible to imagine biryani not being Indian. Indian foods have always been considered too spicy and unhealthy and it was the

Different Lemonade Recipes

 In the hot summer season all that comes to our mind is cooling and refreshing fresh lemonade. It is a life saver in these hot and lazy days. You just need to have a good juicer and 10 minutes and after this all that you have is Fresh homemade Lemonade in your hand. It is very easy to prepare the basic lemonade, but when you have many options around like

Tales served in a plate!

Have a big party to host too soon? But are too bored of the clichéd party menus available (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Mughlai)? I have just the thing for you, that will surely elevate your stature to the “PARTY KING/QUEEN” and give you and you’re fiction-fellas the best time of their lives! Yes, give way to your literary gastronomy as I bring forth a list of fictional literary food

Just Taste the Berries

Berries are the culinary fruits of  flora which means the plant or the tree which bears fruits from the flowers. Berries are basically called as aggregate fruits beause agregate fruits are formed from one flower which contains many ovaries in it. So,berries grow in bunches from one flower of the plant . These berries doesn’t contain any seeds inside them , they are just fleshy which can be eaten raw

Scrumptious fruits you must eat and their benefits

  Fruits are the ultimate natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins along with some anti-oxidants and other substances which are  very beneficial and essential for health to humans as a healthy diet. Humans and many animals are mostly dependent on fruits. Consumption of fruits in high amounts keeps us away from diseases like cancer,heart diseases,skin diseases etc… There are many kinds of fruits which grow in different atmospheric conditions at

Food Addiction-A real problem

As a kid, most of us were asked to eat a lot. Growing up in an Indian family, if the child skipped a meal it was a sin and the mom would never forgive herself for letting her child skip a meal. We were forced to eat and sometimes just because some of us didn’t like normal food our parents introduced us to the world of junk foods! Pizzas, Burgers