We have several food items in the market which people believe are very healthy and essential for the human body. But there are not aware that these food items can cause serious damage to their body. The result of which can even lead to death of the person. You must be aware of the side effects of such food items so that you can stay protected. Here we are mentioning some of those foods and you should stop eating  immediately as they can kill you.


Sports Drink:


Today we have several sports drink in the market and people believe that they are highly beneficial for the body. These types of drinks are specially designed for the people who get involved into the training sessions or play different sports. Due to the intense workout and physical labor they sweat a lot and the level of glycogen in their body goes down. The sports drink contains water, sugar and electrolytes which compensates for the loss of fluid, energy and the electrolytes. If you are not getting involved in any intense workout sessions then this drink can be highly dangerous for your body as you don’t need any additional sugar, fluid and electrolytes. So please avoid drinking it.


Heart Healthy Vegetable Oils:


People are so much influenced with the heart healthy vegetable oils that are present in the supermarkets. They believe that with its consumption, they can protect their heart and keep it healthy. But it is not necessarily true. The methods performed in their extractions are quite complex and involves several processes such as bleaching and addition of hexane which are very much harmful for the human body. As a result these oils have a large amount of Omega 6 fatty acid and trans fats in them which are not at all beneficial. There are chances that you may get diagnosed with the chronic diseases if you consume these types of oils.


Agave Nectar:


You must have seen several advertisements in which the manufacturers claim that their product is sugar free. It is because it contains Agave Nectar and it gives the sweetened taste. While people prefer it as Agave Nectar has low glycemic index and it acts as a wonderful replacement to the actual sugar, they are not aware that it contains unnatural fructose which cause several damages to the human body. Those people who are not very much active or say don’t exercise much, high fructose can lead them to serious diseases which are life threatening. Agave Nectar has 40 % more fructose in it than the actual sugar. So it is better to avoid them.


Energy Bars:


Energy bars are not for such people who have a normal routine. They are very much similar to the sports drink. The ingredients that they have are required only by the specific peoples and if you are not among them, then you should avoid it so that you remain protected. The sports personalities need extra protein intake so as to make them fitter and gain energy. So they eat it in 2-3 hours intervals. If you don’t have such work then there is no need for you to eat these energy bars. They have a lot of ingredients which are harmful for a normal person.


Fat Free Foods:


Today people love to eat those food items which have less fat or absolutely no fat in them as they believe that it is the best way they can keep a check on their health. But this is not at all a wise decision. The absence of fat in the body also leads to several diseases. The fat free foods have several disadvantages. Since they are highly processed and several chemicals and sweeteners are added so as to get rid of the fat contents, they are extremely dangerous for the human body. It is advised that you stay from such food items as their adverse effects can take your precious life from you as well.


Foods Having Low Carbohydrates:


People generally believe that it is good to eat those food items which offer low carbohydrates as they offer several health benefits. The market today is full of such food. For the companies which manufacture such food items, they find it a perfect opportunity to make some cash as people prefer them without knowing that such foods harm them and make them prone to the diseases. The artificial ingredients added in them can cause some serious damage and you can eventually get yourself killed because of its side effects.


Gluten Free Foods:


People today have started to eliminate gluten from their diet completely as they find it one such ingredient which causes them serious trouble. Gluten is found in wheat and barley. So the food items in the markets today are gluten free. But the point which needs attention here is that gluten free foods are not at all healthy. They contain starch and other artificial chemicals which causes several adverse effects on the health. Moreover they also have large sugar content. So you should understand that gluten containing food items are much healthier and the complete absence of gluten can deteriorate your health and cause you trouble.