Headache has become a very common dilemma now days. Over millions of people deal with headaches and only they can tell how horrifying and unbearable headache can be. When the head starts throbbing the life becomes so miserable. It is very hard to contend with the pain of headache. So consequently we end up taking pain killers, but this not the solution. We need to find out the sources that triggers the headache. There are many roots for the origin of headache. Once we find out the root causes, we can lessen the frequency of headache. These natural medications take long time to cure the problem, but they are surely more reliable than just taking up a pill. Some food items have been found to be the reason of headache. Luckily there are some other foodstuffs that help in healing the pain. Some of the food stuffs that can prove to be very beneficial during the headache are listed below. You can get rid of the pain with the consumption of such food items.



The throbbing pain can go away with the intake of some amount of coffee. When taken in excess amount it can lead to headache. But adequate quantity of coffee can repress the effect of headache. When the root cause of headache is seasonal aversions then the consumption of coffee can be very effective. The discharge of histamine in the blood is reduced with the consumption of coffee which in turn pacifies the aversions and hence protects us from the headaches.



Bananas are found to be rich in magnesium which helps in relaxing the blood vessel, subsequently slow down the aching. Vitamin B6 is very effective to fight with headache and bananas are filled with this vitamin. It depresses the pain that our body is enduring. So if you are undergoing a lot of pain, you may try bananas to get rid of it.

Intake of water

intake of water

The deficiency in the amount of water can trigger the headaches. Normally we do not ingest adequate amount of water every day and consequently it leads to headache. Hence, water plays a very important role in reducing the sternness of headache. When taken in adequate amount, water acts as a very effective natural therapy for headaches and saves us from taking medicines.



One of the major causes of headaches or migraines is dehydration. So to relieve the pain it is better to consume food items those are rich in water content rather than consuming a pill. Watermelon is one of such water rich food item which hydrates the body. Eventually it eases up the pain. Hence when you get stuck up with headache, try some of these water rich fruits.



As per the various studies, it has been observed that almonds are the great source of magnesium which protects us from the burden of the headache as it relaxes the blood vessels. The one who suffers from the regular headache must consume the magnesium rich diet. There are many food items those are rich in magnesium such as banana, almonds, avocados and several more. Headaches are also caused as the result of regular day tensions. In such situations, almond proves to be very valuable.  So try to soothe your head by eating almonds every day.



Spinach is another great headache savior. It basically diminishes the blood pressure and hence rescues us from the persistent headaches. It is also packed up with magnesium which is a very desirable nutrient in case of headaches. Apart from that spinach is rich in water level which prevents dehydration. Therefore this green vegetable must be enjoyed in order to hold back from the headaches.



Another cause of headache can be the shortage of calcium in our body. Less amount of calcium in the body can lead to excruciating headaches. So make sure you include calcium rich food stuffs in your diet. Yoghurt is one of the solutions, as it is high in calcium content. It can calm down your body and dispose of the pain.

Spicy foodstuffs

spicy foodstuff

When seasonal aversions are the reasons behind the painful headache, then consuming spicy food items is one of the ways to get relief. The hotness of the spicy foodstuffs diminishes the sinus pressure that opens the air routes which pacifies the pain. Chili powder also contains vitamin E which is found to provide relaxation to the blood vessels, thus aiding us to get rid of throbbing head. But excessive dosage of this vitamin must be avoided.

According to the specialists, the best way to avoid the painful headaches is to start knowing about the conditions that triggers it. Some food items also act as triggers, and it is best to avoid them. But some food items like the ones mentioned above have significant defensive powers which shield us from the unbearable headaches. These food items does not vanish the headaches totally but they are effective to a great extent.