Hotels and Restaurants

Let’s go for Coffee!

Coffee culture in India is not as old as that of tea. It is a westernized form of having a refreshing evening or asking someone for a date! Coffee shops in India are increasing from last decades and have gained popularity a lot, especially in young generation. The Coffee market is expanding at a very high rate every year. The market is facing tough competition with the new luxurious café

DU Darshan:the foodie trip in North campus

For a student at the Delhi University,especially as a person who belongs to the north campus,the variety of places to eat and hangout are well known.In the continuous debate between the north and south campus about what makes them so special,the eateries and restaurants,juice corners,snacks and momo walas add to the list of specialty at the north campus of DU.After every ten steps you shall find a momo wala or

Kentucky Fried Chicken: finger lickin’ good

Kentucky Fried Chicken which is most commonly known as KFC is an international fast food restaurant which currently has presence in about 118 countries. This fast food chain is specialized in preparing and serving delicious fried chickens to their customers. Currently there are approximately 19,000 outlets of KFC in different parts of the world and this shows the enormous name and success this fast food chain has achieved since it

KARIM’S: A must visit restaurant for the non-vegetarians

Karim’s is one of the most famous non vegetarian destinations located in the Jama Masjid area of Old Delhi. The popularity of this restaurant can be described by the fact that today Karim’s is synonym to the area in which it is located. This place provides the best and most delicious Mughlai cuisine. None of the non-vegetarian food chain in India is more famous than Karim’s. This hotel has simply

A walk in Satya Niketan, Delhi!

Delhi, being the capital of exceptionally cultured country, India, is a one place destination where you get to see all religions, festivals, cultures, cuisines of the diversified land. There are hundreds of places to sight in Delhi. Be it the old monuments, market places, Delhi Metro service or street food, Delhi has got all to please and entertain people of any age. One such attractive element is Food! Around every

The Connaught Place: Foodie Voyage

Connaught Place,New Delhi. With people jostling about with shopping bags,women tick tacking their way in their heels or in simple flats,vendors who sell books,deal in Rajasthani cushion covers and bags,imitation jewellery being sold to a bunch full of girls and women who eagerly skin through the ‘collection’,posters of famous bands,celebrities  and  quotes , cold drinks and ice creams being sold under the burning sun to soothe that sweaty brow,nothing seems

The Indian Dhabas

In simple terms Dhabas is the title given to roadside restaurants in India. These restaurants are found in highways and other remote regions. The main idea for the opening of these restaurants was to feed travelers and truckers who travel from one region to another to transport goods. In olden days Dhabas were a source of refreshment as they provided a home like ambience combined with tasty food and drinks.

JUICY LUCY:The King of Burgers.

Delhi Heights. The size of a quarter plate,the width of about two and half inch,this giant burger called the juicy Lucy, stuffed with chicken,lettuce,fresh tomatoes and with an excess amount of cheese is probably the most loaded of all burgers available in India.The serving portions at the Cafe Delhi Heights are absolutely colossal and the taste and quality undoubtedly do take every possible measure to match the stature.A must eat

Assam House Delicacy:Home away from Home

In the Fast Food lane we all have our certain set of experiments,hit and trials,favorites and the ‘do not order’ list,but somewhere down the line we have always longed for food that reminds us of home,if not exactly like our much loved ‘ghar ka khana’.In search of such food ,my friend and I set out towards our destination at Race Course,Assam House Delicacy.The Assam Bhavan harbors this really humble eatery

McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It

Can you imagine without Happy Meals,Chicken McNuggets?No!!That much popular is McDonald’s lately.It created a sensation in food chain  and got popularity and now spread across world.A man named Ray Kroc started from a small burger restaurant restaurant in California city and his journey started until it reached world’s leading fast food chain spreading across 118 countries having more than 35,000 restaurants and serving more than 70 million people a day.